I am a sport enthusiast and knowledge seeker who loves to spend time with my family and 2 dogs. Physical activity in particular has always taken a central role in my life. From a very young age, I’ve taken part in various sports including soccer, tennis, swimming, skiing, figure skating, karate and Track & Field. Not only did this provide me with a means to channel my energy and remain healthy, I believe it also taught me valuable lessons that could be applied in the classroom as well as in every day life. Perseverance, commitment, discipline, responsibility, learning from failures, communication and self-confidence are some of those lessons, to name a few. With my involvement in “Running Changed My Life Foundation,” we wish to emphasize and deliver our message on the importance of both academics and athletics in Rwandan and Kenyan communities, and provide children with the opportunity to partake in both, in hopes of bettering their lives.

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