Project #1

Is the payment of tuition fees for the 50 elementary students. When a young child is chosen by a donor, the donor pays his tuition fees through the Foundation. The Foundation pays the tuition fees of children who have yet to be chosen by donors. The cost is a total of $ 2,500 a year. Payment was made in September 2017 and the next one would be in September 2018.

Project #2

Is the training center for post-secondary student-athletes. There are two houses under construction. To complete them, $ 1,000 would be greatly needed. According to Yves, the houses will be finished in December 2017. This center will be used to house and feed athletes, giving them the opportunity to be recruited by an American university team or to compete abroad. The respective aims are for athletes to obtain a university degree in optimal conditions, as well as receive scholarships through their competitive performances and given a financial opportunity to live properly. Yves and Emmanuel obtained shoes and clothing by Canadian racing shops and runners. Yves will be able to give them to runners in need when he goes to Kenya on December 5th, 2017.

Project #3

Is access to drinking water. This project aims to help as many families as possible. Thus, the location of the wells will be chosen by taking into account the number of people who will have access to them.

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